Odessa Moon: Volume Two in the Icarus Project Series

The hunt for Emeline is on!

Robert Mayhew’s secret has been revealed. The world now knows that he is a fraud. The Icarus Project is after him and he’s gone into hiding. In the meantime, Emeline, having been abducted from the Absinthe Moon, is being searched for high and low. Mayhew is going mad, helpless to do anything but hide away in his Fourth Ward apartment…until the Resistance brings him a new assignment. At first it seems like nothing more than busy work, something to keep him occupied and out of the way while everyone with an interest in her searches for Emeline. As it turns out, this “busywork” turns out to be vital preparation for the greatest mission he can imagine, that of rescuing the city of New Londinium from an impending fuel crisis.

Mayhew’s life is on the line. If he can save the Great Forge from self-destruction (or is it sabotage?) he has a chance of restoring himself and returning to the Absinthe Moon, and to Emeline.

As it turns out, she’s being prepared for something greater, as well. Something larger than anyone could have prepared her for. But will it mean their ultimate reunion or their permanent separation?