I Live in Danville

Here you’ll find the latest developments on my efforts to offer a new and annotated edition of Julian Meade’s literary landmark, I Live in Virginia. Danville, Virginia is a town of rich history. My work in the historic Old West End involves researching and recording this history. I’ve often lamented that my exploration of archived records, newspapers, deed records, historic biographies, and genealogical documents all help me to scrape together the necessary facts, but facts do not paint a representation of who a person is or was. Mr. Meade’s book has shone a light on an important time in Danville and on the people who were most affected by those events. My bi-weekly posts for OldWestEndVA.com, a cooperative endeavor between the historic neighborhood association and the city of Danville to find owners and caretakers for Danville’s many neglected historic homes, abandoned during the close of the town’s two major employers, Dan River Mills and the various Tobacco factories that were represented here. Danville is a town of rich history, awe-inspiring architecture, and amazing people who possess a spirit of resiliency and community. What follows are my efforts to preserve an important historical document for those to whom Danville’s history matters. Any proceeds earned from sales will go toward preserving further historic landmarks, including homes and monuments.

Part One:  Pittsylvania


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