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Absinthe Moon

Coming June 2019!

Absinthe Moon

Welcome to New London, where the entirety of the earth’s population has been gathered in order to save the earth from man’s ravaging. It’s also home to the Icarus Project, a system of seven habitats, by which the lowest of mankind may rise to the top if his cleverness and drive can get him there. Oh, and he must be physically perfect in every way. It’s perfection or destruction in New London.
Robert Mayew is just one of the many with an ambition to rise to Elite status. The only thing holding him back? A fatal flaw he has so far managed to disguise.
In a city that prides itself on enjoying vice to its greatest extent, charmingly odd Emaline Newell is a rare gem. Untouched, unstained by the Tinge, Robbie is fascinated. Will Emaline guarantee Robbie’s rise to Elite status? Or will she inspire in him another aim altogether?

Follow the adventure as this new work in progress unfolds!

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