November News

A couple exciting things to announce. I’ve at last completed the manuscript for Odessa Moon, part two in the Icarus Project series, and I’m really excited with the direction the story is taking, which of course implies that I don’t have a solid plan in place when I begin these writing journeys. That is definitely the case! (As I’ll be discussing further in a companion post.) It still must go through at least one more round of content editing before the copy editors get it and typesetting begins. But we are huge milestone closer to our deadline, and I’m really looking forward to having this project done.

The second item of news I offer today is in regard to Cry of the Peacock. I know there are many who’ve been waiting for an Audible version. It’s the only one of my full-length novels not to have received this treatment. The happy fact is that, after a couple of false starts and five years in production, narration for Cry of the Peacock has at last been finished and the audio files have been submitted for review. Hopefully this time next month, I’ll be able to announce that it is ready for purchase. But, for the time being, suffice it to say, I’m very happy to have one more huge project checked off my list. Many thanks to the wonderful Stacey Patrone for contributing her significant vocal talent to the project!

And lastly…After years of languishing sales for my short stories, I’ve decided to repackage them. Originally Sixteen Seasons was meant to be called Parade (and yes, there’s a short story by that name and hopefully you’ve received your free copy). Sixteen Seasons, however, is too holiday heavy to sell well, even if short stories sold well (though I do think they could do better.) I also had made the decision to sell them individually at the lowest price Amazon allows, but that won me some nasty feedback from readers who felt they were not getting their money’s worth with one story. And so…I’m going to repackage the collection, remove some of the weaker stories, add a few others I’ve written over the last few years (including, you guessed it, one relating to the world of Absinthe Moon). I’ll sell it at a discounted price and periodically give the stories away. I’ve known for some time that this was necessary, but there were always more important things to do. Now that I have two major projects behind me, it seems like a good time to give this some focused attention.

And then it’ll be time to get back to serious work of editing publication prep. Odessa Moon is on its way!