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After a long hiatus and some major life changes, I am finally back to the keyboard, and a lot of really exciting things are happening.

Take a look!

Moths ACX

Bestselling Of Moths and Butterflies is now available as an audio book.


My three historical novels have been bundled into one great package! Included are my bestsellers Of Moths and Butterflies, Cry of the Peacock (with its full and unabridged, original beginning), and Gods and Monsters. Also included are three short stories connected to the novels, previously published in my short story collection Sixteen Seasons, all for one affordable low price. I’m super excited to be able to offer this, as I move from writing Historical Fiction, to…

My new work in progress, which, yes, has been in progress for many years now, but will at last see publication sometime this summer or early autumn. As a preview, the first three chapters are available on Wattpad, or see the pitch here on the book’s page.

1-Absinthe Moon I Kindle

The second book in the series is also under way, more information on that to come. For now, here’s a sneak peak at the cover!

2-Odessa Moon II


There’s lots more to come, so stay tuned!

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